Let us host your next
Virtual Event

Sevenue let’s you take control of your event, from the way it looks to the way it works. Fully customisable solutions to deliver a tailor-made event.

Trade Shows & Conferences

We build tailor-made events that will help connect with any audience you need. Create engaging and memorable conferences, summits, trade shows, exhibitions, and more.

Virtual Exhibition Fair

Showcase products, innovations and services to audiences throughout Malaysia with feature-rich booths and more.

Virtual Food Show

Get suppliers connected to a wider audience, build connections, sell more products and services, all through a customisable online food expo.

Virtual Trade Show

Connect your exhibitors to attendees from all around Malaysia, driving lead generation, sales and more through an interactive only trade show.

Virtual Real Estate Expo

Showcase the latest properties and connect with potential buyers from across Malaysia with our custom-built property expo.

Virtual Conferences

Create an immersive online conference that will keep your audience engaged through informative sessions. Let your speakers shine, create networking opportunities and more with our powerful conference platform.

School, College & University Virtual Events

Create unforgettable hybrid or virtual events for universities that builds stronger connections with students, staff, alumni and partners.

Virtual Housing Fair

Get students connected with their new accommodations, showcasing housing and property options with a virtual housing fair.

Virtual Education Fair

Get students and parents acquainted with universities across Malaysia by sharing advice and information via a virtual education fair.

Virtual Open Day

Get new applicants excited by showcasing the campus, faculty and programmes to future students across Malaysia with a virtual open day. 

Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Celebrate an unforgettable milestone for students and their families by giving them the opportunity to celebrate, interact and network through a virtual graduation ceremony.

Virtual University Job Fairs

Get students and graduates to connect with top employers across Malaysia. Connect with alumni and enhance knowledge with our customisable online graduate job fair.

For Hiring & Recruitment Events

Build brand awareness and connect to top talents from across Malaysia with a virtual recruitment event.

Virtual Career Fair

Recruit top talents across Malaysia, streamlining the candidate screening process and wow potential hires with a great first impression with a customised online recruitment event.

Virtual Job Fair

Get employers access to a larger candidate pool, search and filter results and conduct screening interviews with an online job fair.

For Internal Meetings & Trainings Organizers

Whether it’s onboarding new members or hosting a townhall, you can’t go wrong by taking internal events online.


Virtual Benefits Fair

Get your employees updated on benefit providers, share information on plans, air on concerns and more with an immersive and engaging virtual fair.

Virtual Onboarding Event

Get new hires onboarded seamlessly and track their progress with an interactive virtual onboarding event.

We’ve got everything you need to make your next hybrid or virtual event a success.