Sustainable Finance Week Dubai Expo 2020

Karnival Celik Kewangan Kelantan 2023

Empower Public through Digital Financial Services (DFS) and promote protection against fraud and financial scams.

Categories: Exhibition | Roadshow
Client(s): Bank Negara Malaysia
Securities Commission Malaysia


Launch Gimmick & Video
Stage, LED Screens and Custom Booth
Multi-Camera Production
Speakers and Exhibitors Management
Event Concept, Collateral Design & Production


To host the Karnival Celik Kewangan Kelantan requires meticulous planning, effective coordination, and comprehensive engagement strategies to enhance public awareness of financial matters, empower individuals to make well-informed decisions, and provide valuable resources for financial education and protection.


The event garnered resounding success, drawing an impressive crowd of over 18,000 participants. Our ability to genuinely engage with each attendee proved to be highly effective, creating a dynamic and interactive environment that left a lasting impact.

Sustainable Finance Week Dubai Expo 2020