Branding with Sevenue’s Virtual Event Platform

Create unique brand experiences

Let your brand shine with our custom layouts, interactive widgets and more to create a memorable brand experience across your hybrid or virtual events in no time at all.

We don’t do basic— we offer full options that let your brand shine throughout your event.

With Sevenue, you get to create a truly unique brand experience that not only elevates your business but also leaves a lasting impression on your audience. From landing pages to session stages, surprise and delight audiences from start to finish.

Make it your own with widgets

Showcase your brand aesthetic and personality. We let you control the entire look of the event, down to functionality too.

Embed any content from any website or app with our easy-to-use platform.

Create a stunning branded event interfaces in both 2D and 3D formats and make the event uniquely yours.

Shine a light on your partners and sponsors and them the spotlight they truly deserve.

Use and create templates

Choose from ready-to-use and customisable templates to create showstopping branded areas within the virtual venue.

Get attendees excited with a custom Welcome Video to guide them through the entire event experience

Let your creativity run wild with attention-grabbing layouts for stages, exhibition booths and more.

Exciting, impactful landing pages

Make that first impression an amazing one with our fully customisable landing pages.

Pre-developed frameworks lets you own your landing and event registration pages and make it uniquely yours.

Keep consistent and let your brand recognition speak for itself across your event.

Landing pages can also be designed to be an extension of your website or other digital platforms.

Easy and seamless attendee registration with multiple, secure login methods.

Put the spotlight on your stage

Put your brand in the spotlight over every inch of the venue space.

Include branding even on areas like the Stage with different layouts, backgrounds and widgets.

A dedicated team assists in creating unique overlays and video management during transitions or sessions.

Make your brand an unforgettable experience.