Data & Insights with Sevenue’s Virtual Event Platform

Real, actionable data across your event

Understand what makes your audience tick during the event with clear actionable insights that looks at engagement, traffic and more during hybrid or virtual events.

It’s more than just data or collecting metrics. But using those points to help guide future success.

Data and insights are more than just a numbers game. With Sevenue, we collect data that matters to your business and your event, with clear actionable insight that will not only help your future event, but also propel your business forward.

See it happen in real-time

See what works and optimise to track better results
throughout your event.

See engagement happening in real time.

Update marketing materials and other collaterals in real time in response to engagement.

Set up games, quizzes and challenges to drive virtual traffic.

Post-event reporting

Track your event’s success and better understand what works with our comprehensive post-event reporting. Our info includes:

Highest engaged session

Best performing speakers

Topic highlights

Engagement insights from attendees

Most visited booths

Lead scores


And more!

Specific insights for different use-cases

Your event is uniquely yours, so we make sure that our insights are tailored to what’s important to your event’s different needs.

Get insights and recommendations that’s relevant to your event.

Templates that are specific to your event, streamlining relevant information.


Connect Sevenue to several platforms, websites or other digital properties to share and deploy data.

Get out of the box integrations with popular CRMs, ticketing platforms, payment gateways, email marketing platforms and more.

Need a custom integration made? No problem, our development team can help add it to your event.

Get real insight to what makes your event work for future success.