Engagement with Sevenue’s Virtual Event Platform


Get your participants participating. Create unique and engaging events with a hybrid or virtual event by giving your attendees and speakers tools and incentives to get the ball rolling.

Form genuine connections, even on a hybrid or virtual event.

When you give your attendees the tools and the means to interact, react and participate, watch as your event turns into a flow of genuine human connection. Impact, fun and a grand experience for all.

Get networking

Keep audiences engaged right to the very end with Sevenue’s Networking feature.

Attendees can browse profiles and connect with those who have similar interests.

Attendees can also schedule calls, chats and even swap business cards with other attendees, speakers and other guests.

We’re keeping it real with video-led networking that’s also

Ready? Set. Play!

Sevenue offers several options for gamification on your hybrid or virtual event.

Reward attendees for completing participation tasks and keep score on a live leaderboard.

Play games, quizzes, solve puzzles and more that can be scheduled for certain sessions, or be open to the whole event.

Got a conference or a talk? Get the audience engaged with polls and chatboxes during sessions for more audience interaction.

The flow of conversation

Get participants talking to others, as well as with speakers and other guests at your hybrid or virtual event.

Attendees can use chatboxes during sessions to hold conversations or ask a question to speakers.

Create rooms to facilitate one-on-one conversations, just like a real on-ground event.

It’s all about interactivity

Keep the participation up with several options for interactive engagement throughout sessions.

Chatboxes, Polls and Q&A tolls help foster better engagement between speakers and the audience.

Virtual photo booths allow attendees to bring home a fun souvenir from your hybrid or virtual event.

Create unique games and quizzes for attendees to play, with sessions that include live, real-time games for an extra challenge.

Stay engaged at every event.