Networking with Sevenue

Seemless Networking

Keep conversations and connections easy-to-make with Sevenue’s host of networking options.

Why make networking difficult or awkward?

Keep things easy for attendees and guests. Our platform helps connect your attendees to the people they want to meet, allowing for a positive and productive networking session that takes the hassle out of real-world conversations.

We don’t do it slow

Skip the small talk, get your attendees connected to the people they want to meet by intelligently connecting professionals for one-on-one meetings.

Keep things organised with ticket tier-based matchmaking for networking.

Set time windows for networking sessions to keep things
moving along.

Networking takes a video-led approach for humanised connections.

We make things smarter

Interest based matchmaking helps your attendees talk to the people they want to meet by matching attendees to other professionals who pair with similar interests, goals or other factors. This keeps things effective and productive for everyone involved.

Two-way networking that’s interest-based.

Networking is led by video to ensure human connectivity.

Networking zones can be specified within the virtual venue.

Keep it in your briefcase

Save business cards and relevant documents in their briefcase, ensuring that contacts and other information can be followed up on.

Let attendees design or upload their own virtual business card.

Store business cards, documents and contact information in a virtual briefcase to use post-event.

Make networking positive and productive.